Friday, December 9, 2011

Developing of Teenagers Hair thinning

Nowadays, teenage hair loss cases are increasing in number. Though this may not show as total baldness, there's a surprisingly increased incidence of generalized hairloss or thinning in this generation. Although clip in hair extensions loss is a typical occurrence very often happens on middle aged and older individuals, hair thinning today is slowly affecting as well as younger crowd.

There can be different reasons behind hair loss but the most common source of hair loss is "male pattern hair loss" or "female pattern hair loss". Of males, the common pattern of hairloss begins with a receding hair then slowly progresses upwards until total hairloss or baldness occurs, leaving only a rim of hair over the sides and back. In worse cases, total baldness can happen. In females, total baldness is rare as only generalized hair loss or hair thinning takes place.

Your hair loss pattern in teenagers is very similar to the female pattern hair loss - a more generalised hair thinning. Rarely can you see a teenage child go bald, unless they are undergoing treatment like chemotherapy.

So why do teenagers experience hair loss?

Well, this really is primarily because of their lack of knowledge in order to properly take care of their hair. In female teens, the constant pulling of hair when generating a pony tail or even a bun can cause a significant amount of hair being plucked off. Known as traction hair loss. The use of hair driers and hot irons severely dehydrates and vaporizes the many moisture inside the hair so that it is brittle. Also, constantly changing cheap clip in hair extensions uk colour along with the use of hair styling products can chemically burn hair.

The principle cause of teenage hair loss of males is the excessive use of unsafe hairdressing products, constant change of hair colour and rough handling of hair while combing or brushing.

To keep your teenager's hair well and intact, you have got to teach your child the basics of proper hair care and the first step would be to keep hair clean if you use Nisim Shampoo. Nisim Shampoo deeply cleans hair and hair will all the nutrients it requires to rejuvenate the hair and scalp. For ones kid's hair styling needs it is equally good to use Kerte Styling Gel or Spray. Both gel and spray can also be nutrient rich products that will add nourishment to the hair while styling. These are safe alternatives to usual shampoos and styling products, providing all the nourishment the hair needs for hours on end, every day, thus preventing hair loss.

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