Thursday, December 29, 2011

Real Human Hair Extensions Also Need To Clip

Hair extensions can help for our demands of changing our hairstyles quickly. Girls may cut their long red hair to get a fresh look or just want change another outlook. But being cut hair style too long is also a boring thing. So the extensions can change your hair style in rapid sequence and dont need to wait your natural hair grow. Clips are needed in hair extensions for they could fix the extensions in your natural hair. You can make your thin hair into thick hair, flat hair into full hair and short hair into long hair start by making hair extensions. So I collect some useful instructions for you personally, for sometimes it takes some practise along with the first time you make is not that easy. Listed here are instructions for your hair extensions. If you are interested in it, you can stick to it.

Be frankly, no one can fulfil the hair extensions all by oneself. You ought to require some others to help you do these complex things. Firstly, you are able to wash your hair with some high-quality shampoo and conditioner, that make your hair in order and shining. Than squeeze out excess water within you clean hair. Then dry you wet hair by dabbing it having a towel. Make sure you will not tangle it and comb it with your comb, lightly and smoothly, to be able to stay away from knotting.

After you have made your hair in order, now you can set up to make micro hair extensions. Of course, the clips are needed in this circle. Now part hair horizontally above your ear line into some small parts. And then make them into a ponytail with a tie. Open every one of the comb clips before attaching your hair. Then you can slide to attach the longest portion of the hair extensions horizontally, along the bottom of the part, which is an important process of your hair extensions.

After that, you can tie the extensions in your natural hair now. It is really an important and difficult process for you personally. You can make a seven-inch wide horizontal parting an inch higher than the previous hair part. Yes, sometime I believe you dont want to do this, this time then you've got to do so now. You can use each of the open clips on the second longest extensions. Comb your hair under the part downwards the guidelines of your natural hair. Then push the secure-lock comb clips to clasp the extensions for your own hair. That is the key point to make the extensions fixed in your natural hair.

Lastly, you'll be able to tie the hair up on top of the part into a ponytail. Attach this extension across the bottom of the new part, you will be a experienced hairstylist now, going back step is also important. After that, comb your natural hair over the past extensions to achieve what your want to be. That is ok after all happen to be done.

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