Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Employs of Synthetic and Real Human Hair Wigs of All Time

The reasons people wear real hair wigs now are numerous. It may be because they have lost their head of micro loop hair extensions because of a specific illness or due to old age. It may be that they utilize it strictly for fashion. Maybe they have a job where it requires them to change looks often and wigs make that change simpler than having to constantly visit the salon. But in history, wigs have already been used in a lot of different ways.

A few of the earliest uses of wigs were the traditional Egyptians, who wore them on the shaved heads to protect their skin on the sun. They used beeswax just as one application to hold the wigs set up. Other ancient cultures used wigs as well, like the Assyrians, Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans.

In the 16th and 17th centuries, the application of the wig came back into style after falling on the way side after the fall on the Roman Empire. The 16th century was gets hotter started to become used for fashion and also hair loss. But it was also employed for practical reasons, as lice was rampant back then. The problem lessened after red hair extensions was removed and synthetic wigs were chosen, which were easier to rid of lice if and when they get infested.

Wigs were also worn by royalty, which really aided the revival of the wig in general. For example, Queen Elizabeth I famously wore a red wig, while King Louis XIII and King Louis XIV of France both prompted the trend of men wearing wigs. Through the late 1600s, wigs were almost a duty for men with a high social rank and so wig makers were highly desired and held in high prestige.

Inside the 18th century, mens wigs were powdered to generate that white look that people all know well today. Women actually would not wear wigs at the time, contrary to popular belief. Mens synthetic wigs slowly grew smaller and were chosen more specifically for professions, specifically in legal systems.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, using wigs as status symbols began to die out, especially with the newly created United States. Only the first 5 presidents wore wigs good old fashion style. After that it started to fade out and become many use that we are used to now, mostly for fashion as well as health reasons.

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