Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The New Simplicity Clip In Hair Extensions Redesign Assist You to Training Yourself

Already renowned as the most groundbreaking system of hair extensions and hailed as a must-have of stylists nationwide, TressAllure's Simplicity Extensions weren't content to sit still. Instead, they continuously sought to produce their gentle "Comfort Grip Adhesive Strip" extensions so much easier for the stylist to use, and more attuned to the creativity and artistry of each and every hair professional. To that end, Simplicity collaborated with brown highlighted hair Mackinder, a renowned stylist to usher in all of the new packaging designed to meet the needs of the way stylists select and employ hair.

Through cooperation with Mackinder, Simplicity announces a totally new line of width and length offerings. Available today in six Indian remi extensions per pack, Simplicity comes to 2", 3" and 4" widths as well as lengths of 10"-12", 14"-16" and 18"-20". Almost like that weren't enough to hold the savvy stylist busy, Simplicity also rolls out a fresh line of vivid rainbow hues. Known as the Funky Color Collection, these extensions come in shades of brilliant pink, vibrant blue, purple gemstone and radiant red, enabling you to add a pop of funky color sans commitment and chemicals!

Funky Colors a tad too out-there for your more conservative clients? Donrrrt worry about it! Simplicity also offers 28 vibrant shades of "traditional" cheap brazilian hair weave color, plus six lovely shades of grey, all created to blend beautifully with the locks she gets, or to add luscious shots of complementary color. With 38 shades to choose from, there's not a client you can't meet the needs of! To further ease accessibility to the shades of Simplicity, the fresh new outer packaging is clear, in order to allow a visual appraisal of every shade, not to mention clearly labeled, so you know you're picking up the exact color, width and length you need the job done right.

With Simplicity, extensions were always easy. With Simplicity's new offerings, hair extensions may very well become the best part of the workday.

Simplicity Hair Extensions undoubtedly are a patented, groundbreaking new system of hair extensions from TressAllure. Utilizing a revolutionary adhesive technology that binds securely and simply to the client's natural hair, Simplicity's head-turning extensions can be applied in half the time, allowing your client to transform her tresses during lunch break, and saving serious hours for your stylist. These highest quality, Indian remi extensions simultaneously rid hair- and health-harming chemicals from the extension process and allow to have an infinitely more comfortable fit for the client. Boasting a basic three-step application, a lower cost to the consumer, and infinite, commitment-free styling possibilities, TressAllure has produced the hair extension process just what it always should have been: Simple. Safe. Fast . . . pure Simplicity!

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