Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How Clip In Hair Extensions Can Harm The Hair and Ways to Avoid It

Clip in hair extensions can either be made from real natural splendor or synthetic hair. They're attached with either glues or chemicals for your own hair and can complete a lot of damage to your natural hair in any other case done properly or looked after. It's a costly and lengthy process that can result in many revisits to the salon which enable it to leave your hair a matted mess. As being a hair replacement it may not necessarily the ideal solution.


It can actually cause a fair bit of pain due to having the clip in hair extensions sewn in. It is due to the stylist pulling too tightly when attaching the head of clip in hair extensions, and this pain will continue until your hair has grown out enough until we have a gap between your scalp plus the clip in hair extensions, and it feels loose enough and so the pain is relieved.


Using any kind of chemical in your hair is gonna cause damage to the strands, plus the chemicals or glues used with hair extensions are quite significant as they need to last a long period in your hair and cope with you washing it as well. Your hair extensions also need to be removed using chemicals, which yet again, is not kind to your hair or maybe your body.

Spoil the look

Hair extensions can simply spoil the look of your natural hair. Using real real human hair is a lot dearer than synthetic extensions, and as it is an expensive process anyway, many people would have to opt for the synthetic version. Synthetic locks are not going to look as good as the real thing, nor will it share the same texture. It is also hard to match the color of your real hair to the clip in hair extensions.

High maintenance

Taking good care of hair extensions takes a lot of work, and unless you are used to spending a lot of time each morning doing your hair, it may be of an annoyance than anything. The clip in hair extensions also become loose with time and means many revisits towards the salon which will become costly. They're also hard to look after and easily become matted and tangled.


In the event you must have clip in hair extensions then execute a bit of research before hand. Find out which salon carries a good reputation for doing a good job, even if it means going somewhere different to your normal salon or paying that bit extra. It's going to be worth it in the long run. Find out what is utilized to attach the hair extensions and also be happy with what chemicals they choose to attach them and later take them off. You don't want to find out that something really harmful is now being put on your scalp. Have a good go through the hair extensions and make sure they are a fantastic match to your own hair colour. Also be sure you like the feel of them and appearance they won't mat too easily. Have your stylist explain how to care for your hair extensions and book you set for maintenance visits.

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