Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Hair-styles Trend: The Seamless Tape Knowledge Used In The Human Hair Extensions

This article is introducing the relatively new fad of seamless tape semi-permanent hair extensions, made popular by Simply human hair extensions; they can be still unknown in the UK and also the US.

For quite a few years now it has been clip in hair extensions that contain held the number one spot with regards to adding some extra volume or inches for a hair. Although if bought if inside right shade and with high-quality remy hair, clip ins still need there problems; how many of us have seen that dreaded clip glinting through some poor unsuspecting girl's hair? Nightmare scenario for many and to some it seems it doesn't care if they are not exactly rocking natural look. Now coming out of obscurity and in to the contending place for the seamless non-permanent hair extensions race are the seamless tape hair extensions/pre-taped extensions.

The first time I heard about these types of hair extensions was when reading among my favourite beauty blogs mentioned the truth that Simply hair extensions from Florida used these illusive tape in extensions to apply in less than 30 minutes with high quality 100 % human remy hair for a fraction of the cost of crazy expensive great lengths hair extensions. Now who hasn't had hair envy in terms of those South Florida models with there coiffured sun kissed locks or the dark Latin women with hair for miles? Well stop straining and willing flowing hair to grow because you can now just buy it so much easier!

What are seamless tape in hair extensions?

Well they are just what they are saying on the tin really, in preference to the usual clip in a hair weft there's a piece of double sided toupee tape, meant to be undetectable when put on the scalp. Seamless extensions can be washed and styled normally, you can use your regular hair products, they are designed to be lightweight as well as not drag or hurt, in order that they are suitable for those with fine hair. Hair extensions are semi permanent and can last up to 5-6 months determined by specific circumstance. They are an easy task to apply and even easier to remove.

How do you put them in?

There are two methods used in the application of hair extensions one is the sandwich method and the other is the single method. With all the sandwich method you take a portion of your natural hair and apply one weft above it and one weft below it, effectively sandwiching your natural hair between two wefts. This method is great for adding volume and will work out to be more longer lasting but it really can be slightly tricky to discover the application just right.

The other method as well as the relatively easier way is the single application. In this instance you just please take a section of your natural hair and apply the weft above it, you can do this very quickly and is good for adding length but they also may not last as long.

What are the downsides?

Although seamless extensions are very gaining in popularity in the United States, London and Sweden they may not be readily available to come by in the UK and customarily have to be bought online. This can prove difficult when trying to identify a good color match for your hair. Sometimes the hair in taped hair extensions are not always of the best quality even so have found that Simply hair extensions uses the top quality 100 % remy human available on the market. They are also the only ones with true seamless extensions.

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